Kevin Ware’s Injury Will Inspire Louisville Cardinals to 2013 NCAA Title

By Taylor Sturm

Everybody knows about Kevin Ware’s horrific injury that many witnessed on live television. Everyone saw the #PrayforKevinWare picture flying around the internet and being endorsed by everyone from athletes to musicians and actors/actresses. When news broke that Ware was going to be okay and surgery went well, the whole nation breathed a sigh of relief. However, what does the injury mean for the Louisville Cardinals going forward in the NCAA tournament?

It means that there isn’t a team left that stands a chance. Wichita State is not going to stop the Cardinals and neither is Michigan or Syracuse. The game that Louisville played against Duke was an amazing show of skill and excellent coaching. After the horrific injury, instead of playing it safe, the Cardinals played with more focus. The Louisville players saw how quickly their careers could potentially end, they saw one of their teammates in a tremendous amount of pain and they kept playing. That reflects an extreme amount of determination in these Louisville players.

Ware’s words to his team as he lay on the floor in excruciating pain were, “Win the game, win the game.” They did. The entire Louisville team wants to win the national championship for Ware. They want to bring him the trophy at his house, the hospital or wherever he is and show him that they won for him. Ware’s injury will lead to a national championship for Rick Pitino’s Cardinals. The team is no longer playing just for recognition and pride, but for a brother.

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