Recruiting Will Be Key For Newly Hired USC Trojans Head Coach Andy Enfield

By Paul Seaver

In two weeks time, Florida Gulf Coast and Andy Enfield quickly became the talk of the college basketball world and the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

That attention however was well earned, as the Eagles became the first ever No. 15 seed to advance to the Sweet 16. Although Florida Gulf Coast’s run came to an end last Friday, the legacy that they left in this year’s bracket will be labeled as history until someone else comes along and breaks their mark.

Three days after their season came to a close at the hands of No. 3 Florida, the Eagles however, are searching for a new head coach. Andy Enfield has made the decision to leave Dunk City and head west to Southern Cal, agreeing to a six year deal with the USC Trojans.

So, whether or not you believe Enfield was the right or wrong choice for the Trojans, the key moving forward is going to rely in his ability to recruit out west. Enfield faces the daunting task of making USC basketball relevant in Southern Cal and this comes on the heels of arch-rival UCLA‘s recent hire of Steve Alford.

There are two newcomers in Southern Cal and the battle for prospects in the area is on.

Enfield recruited to perfection at Florida Gulf Coast, finding under-the-radar athletic players and grouping together a team that could inspire his up-tempo coaching philosophy. The end result: Dunk City.

Now however, Dunk City is headed to Lob City and Enfield’s system may have found the perfect home if he can once again find players to fit his philosophy. Let’s be serious, who wouldn’t want to play in that type of system?

Only time will tell if Enfield can turn around USC, but his work on the recruiting trail will be crucial in building the program to his advantage.


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