Rutgers Head Coach Mike Rice Deserves Tough Punishment For Incidents at Practice

By Paul Seaver

On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN‘s Outside The Lines aired its segment on Rutgers head coach Mike Rice, showing video taped incidents that have unfolded at practices in the past.

Rice, who was suspended three games earlier in the year for these incidents, deserves to be under more fire for what has happened.

Prior to taking over the Scarlet Knights’ program, Rice was virtually on top of the world. He had led Robert Morris to back-to-back NCAA Tournaments and a near upset of No. 2 Villanova in 2010. Rice was hired at Rutgers and instantly began landing a number of higher profiled recruits. Long story short, it appeared as if the Scarlet Knights were a program on the rise.

Under Rice, Rutgers have suffered three consecutive losing seasons and now it’s become a situation in which the university must act. Following the release of the practice tapes, the impact on the university’s decision to simply suspend Rice for three games is what deserves to come under fire.

Rice is seen pushing players, throwing balls at players and continuously calling them expletives such as “fa–ots,” “mother—-ers,” and “pu–ies.” It’s degrading and simply appalling considering this is a coach who these players are supposed to respect, trust and play hard for.

Rice might even deserve to get fired for these actions, depending on how deeply you feel about the situation.

One former Rutgers assistant has said that Rice’s action have already forced three players to transfer. Think about this, how is Rice going to explain this situation to potential recruits? How will the current players handle the public exposure that this situation has received?

Rice and Rutgers are virtually stuck between a rock and a hard place because of their actions, so we will now just wait to see if the university takes any further action than what was already done.
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