USC Trojans Hiring Andy Enfield Results in Idiocracy

By Joseph Nardone

I entered the world of becoming a poor man’s version of a bad sports writer because I dislike humans. Not people on an individual level, but the species as a whole. Like when people see one comment, think it is genius, then continue to piggyback it as if it were the word of God (Or whomever or whatever you may worship). There might not be a more perfect example of the human species being fickle than the hiring of Andy Enfield by the USC Trojans.

USC offered Enfield at least 10 times more than his former employer, Florida Gulf Coast Eagles, could. Since we live in a world where everything is jaded, however, folks skipped over the fact that there was no way FGCU could come close to matching and decided to call Enfield disloyal. Because, as we all know, being responsible and taking money any sane person would take instead of being loyal to a fictitious idea, is pure evil.

Think of it as when you were on fries during your time with Burger King. Probably making around minimum wage and unhappy–you would welcome a change of employment. Still, even if you really loved working with the fast-food giant, if Wendy’s offered you 10 times the pay for the same job, but with more resources–you would jump to take it without a second though. I mean, eight dollars an hour compared to 800 dollars per hour–that is a no-brainer.

But because so many college coaches have been weasels in the past, now whenever a coach moves, it must have been done so out horribleness. Not because the person is capitalizing on a once in a lifetime opportunity or that he might just deserve it.

The right choice? The wrong choice? Who are you or I to tell Enfield where he will be happier. If he fails with the Trojans, hindsight will tell all naysayers they were right. That Enfield should have stayed with FGCU making 10 times less than he ended up taking. If he succeeds, the naysayers will still call the man weasel even though he did nothing wrong.

Then, there is the other side of people being bonkers. The side in which people are questioning USC’s decision to hire Enfield. Acting as if USC has somehow been the greatest basketball program for the last few decades. If Enfield is to succeed or fail, I doubt he will have a hard time working and living in the shadow of USC coaching greats like Kevin O’Neil, Tim Floyd or even Henry Bibby.

For those arguing this hire or the decision made by Enfield to take the job, I say to you–go home and sleep off your Baylessnized brain.


Joe is a Senior Writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @JosephNardone

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