2013 NCAA Tournament: Syracuse Orange Could Make Big East Statment With Final Four Victory

By Trevor Lowry
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 4 Syracuse Orange are one win away from making the national championship in the 2013 NCAA Tournament. However, they are also one win away from making a Big East statement.

For most of the year, the Big Ten was considered as the best conference in college basketball, but Syracuse has already beaten the best team in that conference and they have a chance to beat arguably the second best team in the No. 4 Michigan Wolverines.

No team was really able to dominate the Indiana Hoosiers offense this season, but Syracuse’s 2-3 zone managed to pull off that feat by only allowing the Hoosiers to 50 points in the Sweet 16. Pretty impressive, since Indiana averaged over 80 points per game on the season.

Syracuse wasn’t even the best team in the Big East this year, so if they also beat Michigan, that is really saying something about this conference, at least for this year since it will never look the same.

When it comes to rankings and who Michigan beat this season, the team was arguably the second best team in the Big Ten. What does that say about Syracuse if it beats the two best teams in this conference? Well, it obviously means that the Orange are pretty good.

Michigan scores the basketball at a high rate, and it can put games out of reach with its three-point shooting. However, can it withstand the Orange’s 2-3 zone? Only time will tell, but with a victory against Michigan, Syracuse is making a big statement for the Big East this season.


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