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Kevin Ware Provides Added Motivation for Louisville Cardinals in Final Four

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Kevin Ware went down with the worst injury I’ve ever seen in a basketball game when he broke his leg in Louisville‘s Elite Eight win over Duke on Sunday afternoon.

Ware captured the attention of the nation with his injury, and it served as motivation for the Cardinals, who displayed a tremendous amount of mental toughness to overcome losing a teammate in the biggest game of the season.

The good thing for Ware, who injured himself while jumping up to defend a 3-point attempt, is that while he won’t be able to play in the Final Four, he will be with the team. It’s a huge boost for the Cardinals to know their injured teammate will be with them in Atlanta.

He will no doubt be an inspiration to the Cardinals, who have looked like the most solid in team the tournament, living up to their billing as a No. 1 seed. In a perfect world, Ware would have never had to deal with such a cruel fate in what has been a special season for him and the Cardinals. But sports come with risks, and sometimes the endings to a season aren’t always perfect.

You have to believe Ware will battle through rehab and come back stronger than ever. Athletes can recover from even the worst of injuries, and there will come a time when Ware is playing basketball again.

For now, he’ll be on the bench Saturday night in the Georgia Dome, cheering on his teammates and serving as an inspiration to the Cardinals as they take aim at a national championship.

Brian Lester is a college basketball writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @BLester1993.

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