Louisville Cardinals Guard Russ Smith Playing His Best at the Right Time

By Joseph Nardone
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

While the Louisville Cardinals might prefer him not to be so Russdiculous from time to time, Russ Smith is a star. The junior, who became a household name because of a horse, has had a pretty wild season up to this point. There were moments where Rick Pitino would want to eat his soul, then others where you would think Smith was he own son.

Regardless, it looks like Smith may have figured out the right balance of Russdiculousness just in time for the Final Four.

On the season, Smith shot a fairly respectable .42 percent from the floor. The only reason the number was not any higher, however, was due to Smith’s sometimes questionable shot selection. Smith never met a shot attempt he didn’t like. Whether it be 11 states over or just a lay-up, Smith was ready to do his best to wow everyone in the building and watching at home on TV.

More often than not, however, Smith’s Russdiculous actions worked to the Cardinals’ benefit.

Now it is the NCAA Tournament — where stars are supposed to shine brighter, and Smith is living up to the billing as a star in the big dance. Smith is shooting well over .500 percent from the floor and has not scored under 20 points in any of the games in the tourney. While the scoring is not surprising, the efficiency in which he is doing it is.

It is amazing that Smith is continuing to improve at this late of a stage in the season. Who knows, Russdiculous may end up being the biggest story by the end of the weekend.

Louisville is going to need Smith to continue doing his Russdiculous and efficiency-balancing act if they want to make it to the title game.


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