Vivid Seats: 2013 Final Four, The Masters Only a Short Drive From Each Other

By Paul Seaver
Vivid Seats

It’s April and as spring weather and warmer temperatures approach, so too do two iconic sporting events.

From Atlanta to Augusta, the state of Georgia will play host to both the 2013 Final Four and The Masters in the coming week. Louisville, Wichita State, Michigan and Syracuse will hit the hardwood at the Georgia Dome on Saturday, Apr. 6 and then concluded the college basketball season on Monday, Apr. 8.

Ironically enough, that Monday also marks the same start date of The Masters, which will run its practice rounds from Apr. 8-10 and then complete its annual event from Apr. 11-14.

The best part about these back-to-back events? Here in 2013, they are only a short, two-hour drive apart from each other. The two locations are only 145 miles away from each other, so the economic impact of these two events is simply great.

Just think about all the things that would take longer to do than making the drive from Atlanta to Augusta. You could watch Love and Basketball, you could play a round of golf or you could even watch a college basketball broadcast.

The drive is a piece of cake, you could probably even get between the two in under two hours, so would you not want to partake in the excitement of both sporting events?

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