2013 NCAA Tournament: Michigan Wolverines Tim Hardaway Jr. Has Been Quiet

By Trevor Lowry
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Hardaway Jr. is averaging 14.6 points per game on the season for the No. 4 Michigan Wolverines, but he has been quiet in the 2013 NCAA Tournament, at least for the past two games.

Other than the first game against No. 13 South Dakota State, where Hardaway Jr. dropped 21 points, he has only scored over 10 points one other time. In fact, Hardaway Jr. did pretty well in the third round against the No. 5 VCU Rams, scoring 14 points and shooting 45.5 percent from the field.

Hardaway Jr. may be averaging 14 points per game in the Big Dance, but his last two games have been less than stellar, where he has shot 2-8 from behind the arc and has a combined 19 points. He is the second leading scorer on the team and although other players have been stepping up, Hardaway Jr. is arguably the second best player on this team behind Trey Burke.

The Wolverines have obviously not needed Hardaway Jr. to step up his game in the past two tournament contests, but they will definitely need him to knock down threes against the No. 4 Syracuse Orange.

The Orange are only allowing 45.8 points per game, which is nothing short of amazing. Although Burke is the most important player on this team–being the point guard and all–Hardaway Jr. could really do some damage if his shot is on. It helps that his is 6’6”, which makes him a nightmare to guard in college basketball.

It is not like Hardaway Jr. has been horrible in the tourney, but when you only make seven of your 24 shots in a span of two games, people are not going to be talking about you unless if it is in a negatively. With that said, Hardaway Jr. needs to get back on track in the Final Four to help boost Michigan into the championship game.


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