"Dunk City" Dead Before it Started with the USC Trojans

By Joseph Nardone
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing worse than someone who has the inability to be original. Like those small-budget film companies. Their primary objective is to see what huge blockbusters are coming out and then rip it off for some quick, sneaky profit. That is essentially what the USC Trojans were looking to do after the school hired Andy Enfield as their brand new head coach.

Immediately after the Trojans hired they went the route of ripping off Enfield’s former employer, the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles. USC lambasted their website, social media accounts and whatever they possibly could with “#DunkCityUSC” and some other Dunk City related propaganda. Proving, even after hiring a new coach, that USC does not have that ability to be original. First they took FGCU’s coach and then stole their nickname.

Florida Gulf Coast was understandably upset. USC, however, did not stop using the moniker until they found out that the Eagles were mad. Meaning, USC athletic director Pat Haden did not think that stealing someone else’s property would get them angry. Haden, being the opposite of a genius apparently, did not bother to ask FGCU officials if they could use the moniker beforehand.

Haden has stated, after FGCU let it be known they were not happy, that USC will never use the Dunk City nickname in any form or fashion again. Which is probably a good thing — considering they have not done a single thing to earn that nickname.

USC could buy the coach from Florida Gulf Coast, now they just need to build their own brand instead of straight ripping off another.


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