Louisville Coach Rick Pitino Says Son Richard is "More Than Ready" for Minnesota Job

By Joseph Nardone
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

While covering the Final Four press conferences today, I learned a few things that I will carry with me the rest of my natural life. Some of the finer things I will take to my grave was the dominance of the Mike Rice story, Mark Emmert becoming defensive and Rick Pitino‘s ability to light up a room.

Still, Pitino was able to share the limelight with his family during the presser.

Richard Pitino, Rick’s son (good detective work there), recently took the Minnesota Golden Gophers coaching gig. Some people felt he is too young for the position (30-years old) or that he only got the job because of his last name. Regardless, the hire of the younger Pitino has brought a lot of excitement to Minnesota.

The elder Pitino was asked about how his son would do with the Golden Gophers. For him, it seemed like an obvious answer that his son is “more than ready” and that it was not he who recommended him for the job, but Billy Donovan.

Pitino also talked about how he drove his son more than he did Donovan. He was quick to point out that even though he did not make the opening gesture to recommend his son, he did end up making a call to second the motion.

Who knew a day would come at a Final Four presser that a coach would be talking about his son’s rise to college basketball dominance? I assumed if there were to ever be children talk, it would be much more in the way of fluff and smiles.

For the Pitino family, however, they are smiling their ways into the hearts and minds of every top recruit in the country.


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