Michigan Wolverines' John Beilein Says Majority of Coaches are Soft

By Joseph Nardone
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

There was a trend at the Final Four pressers on Thursday. After the Mike Rice scandal broke, it was obvious that every coach in the country was going to be asked about how they deal with players. None were going to tell the world that they too use slurs and beat players — so a follow up question was going to be needed. Michigan Wolverines‘ coach John Beilein may have given the best response of the day.

Following a series of normal, fairly trivial questions, Beilein was asked about Rice. What happened next was actually pretty humorous:

That is right. Beilein says the coaching profession is full of a slew of softies. While I do believe Beilein feels like the majority of coaches are teachers on the court, the national perception of coaches are of a group of guys whose heads are ready to explode if one of their players eats the wrong kind of breakfast.

I honestly doubt that many feel the same way as Beilein. Since the Rice story broke, everyone and their mother has talked about their own experiences with coaches (on all levels). The general consensus seems to be that the majority of coaches are indeed, lunatics.

Let us just hope that Beilein’s assessment of the profession is more accurate than the perception. That coaches can actually be, heaven forbid, mentally stable.


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