Ole Miss Rebels Guard Marshall Henderson Apologizes to Fans

By Joseph Nardone

Marshall Henderson is now stealing Final Four headlines without even being in the NCAA Tournament anymore. This time the Ole Miss Rebels guard was not doing something people might deem evil. Having the nation split on his antics and being the most polarizing figure in college hoops, Henderson felt the need to apologize to Ole Miss fans for his actions.

The world’s greatest volume-shooter wrote a letter to the fanbase where he apologized as well as talked about being a leader going into his last year with the program. Henderson noted that he was responsible for his own actions, but added that they also helped him be the type of player he is on the court. Meaning, he is sorry, but not too sorry. Well, not sorry enough that he will actually change his on-court persona (which is good).

This is probably a result from the backlash he felt during the postseason. Apparently, people were upset because a legal drinking age, where college student went out…drinking. You heard that right. Folks deemed something that we all have done in our early twenties — going out drinking on a weeknight — the most evil thing in the history of the world. Mind you, he doesn’t get paid to play hoops for our entertainment. So, taking advantage of his time in the limelight is one of the very few benefits he can legally take advantage of.

Oh, he also finished his apology letter by saying “Hotty Toddy” rather than the traditional thanks or whatever. Henderson wins, again.


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