Rutgers Assistant Jimmy Martelli Resigned Following Mike Rice's Firing

By Paul Seaver
Jim O’Connor-USA Today Sports

The latest update involving the ongoing story of Rutgers and the abusive behavior of men’s head basketball coach Mike Rice effects assistant coach Jimmy Martelli.

Video footage of Martelli’s action has also surfaced and it’s very similar to that of Rice. In fact, it’s now become known that Martelli was known amongst the program for being called “Baby Rice.” Martelli resigned from his position as assistant coach amid the turmoil now surrounding the Rutgers’ program.

The fact that Rice was carrying himself and coaching his team this way is one thing, but to have an assistant coach doing the same exact things just adds to the severity. Martelli pretty much made the right decision by resigning and walking away. Martelli is the son of St. Joseph’s head coach Phil Martelli and was on Rice’s staff at Robert Morris before he took over at Rutgers back in 2010.

Rutgers’ faculty and even politicians in the area are now getting involved, calling for both President Robert Barchi and Athletic Director Tim Pernetti to step down. There have been no decisions involving either Barchi or Pernetti and until they can figure out their own internal issues, Rutgers is being slowed in terms of finding a new head coach.

Many believe Pernetti should step down because he simply allowed this to happen under his watch. In addition to that, Pernetti only suspended Rice three games for these actions and obviously that was not a strong enough punishment.

Pernetti made the decision not to suspended Martelli for his actions, even though video evidence clearly shows he was just as aggressive and abusive as Rice.


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