Rutgers Needs to Solve Internal Issues Before Looking For New Head Basketball Coach

By Paul Seaver
Jim O’Connor-USA Today Sports

Rutgers University made the decision to fire head men’s basketball coach Mike Rice on Wednesday morning.

However, before the Scarlet Knights can move onto their next hire, they must first solve their internal issues surrounding Rutgers President Robert Barchi and Athletic Director Tim Pernetti. Who will handle the coaching search when folks are calling for the removal of both Barchi and Pernetti?

Long story short, it may be a little while before the Scarlet Knights and their men’s basketball program has a new head coach. With that being said, the job vacancy isn’t exactly the most appealing. Rutgers has struggled over and over again in the Big East Conference, but with their move to the Big Ten going into effect in 2014, the Scarlet Knights need leadership from the university president, the athletic director and their new head coach when the time comes.

Rutgers must make a quick decision on Pernetti and Barchi. Whether they are forced to resign or will remain on board with the university, something needs to be stated so their coaching search can begin.

With that being said, one interesting name that has been linked through the rumor mill to Rutgers is none other than Danny Hurley. The former Wagner head coach is now at URI and has just finished up his first season with the Rams. Hurley’s farther, Bob Hurley Sr. is the head coach at St. Anthony’s in Jersey City, New Jersey, and the connection that Hurley has to the area could be just what Rutgers needs.

There’s no doubt that Hurley would be a good name for the Scarlet Knights to pursue, but that of course would simply be assuming that Hurley would even be interested. Once again, Rutgers isn’t exactly a very appealing job opportunity.

Rutgers has had a busy week and the news obviously has not been good, but with that being said it’s time to move forward with whichever personnel they decide to retain or dismiss.

The players that are remaining with the program need a new coach — not anymore delay.


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