Rutgers Scarlet Knights Coach Mike Rice Debacle Shows Us We Are Viral Dependent

By Joseph Nardone
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Mike Rice scandal is just beginning  The intolerant coach was fired, however, there is far more to the story than Rice getting canned. We have already learned that athletic director Tim Pernetti needed the Internet to let him know Rice should be fired. We have also seen a slew of ignorant comments saying what Rice did was just a part of the game. The fiscal part of the story, future ramifications and so much more has been flowing out like water from a faucet. There is one story that is going (understandably) overlooked, one where we need for everything to be in video form.

Rice was suspended for his actions a long time ago. The story of his suspension and what he had done, well, that broke as well. But when it did, there was nearly no impact or outrage as there is now. Was it because the news broke during football season, because it is the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and not some awesome hoops program or is it that because it was written, we didn’t have time for some dude in New Jersey tossing balls at kids’ heads?

The reason is more simple than it is some form of commentary on how our kids are doomed because this generation relies on too much technology. It is just a matter of seeing is believing. That the written word didn’t do Rice’s actions justice. The combination of it being a program no one cares about, without video, during sports reporting’s bed buddy (Football season) — there was no need to continue to talk about some guy who was doing a poor job building a program at Rutgers.

Then, when the sporting news cycle is slower, a video surfaced. Now, because we have all seen it — it has gone more than just viral, but has sparked a national discussion on multiple formats. It wasn’t a Pulitzer article or a great commentary writer that got these discussions going, but a “leaked” blurry video of Rice being a horrible human being.

YouTube is changing the world one poorly shot scandal at a time.


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