Syracuse Orange Coach Jim Boeheim Says he is Underpaid

By Joseph Nardone
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like the older Jim Boeheim gets, the more quotable and awesome he becomes. The Syracuse Orange coach has his team ready to battle it out in the Final Four, but still had time to do his usual press conference shtick on Thursday.

Of course, Boeheim was asked the most obvious of questions. Is he retiring? Is the zone defense made out of ketchup? (I made that one up, if you couldn’t tell). Boeheim, however, did discuss an article written by USA Today. The article in question talked about whether or not college coaches are overpaid and talks about how much each of the Final Four coaches make.

When asked about if he saw the article or wished to comment on it — Boeheim responded the only way you would expect him to:

Why wouldn’t he think he is being underpaid? Obviously he is half-joking about how much Syracuse pays him (I think), but it brings up a pretty interesting discussion: how much should college coaches make?

The answer is simpler than it will be made out to be. If a university feels that the coach is bringing in more money than they would otherwise make and want to pay a coach millions of dollars, then they can go ahead and do so. If a program feels like their money is better spent in the Science Department — awesome.

The idea of coaches being overpaid or underpaid is pretty silly. A slew of schools are private, so it has little to do with taxpayers — making the discussion a moot point. As far as state schools go, if they feel the investment is worth it, who are we to determine how much a guy who teaches kids to put a ball into a hole should make?


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