Rick Pitino Says Wichita State Shockers are "Like Marquette on Steroids"

By Joseph Nardone
rick pitino
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Pitino gave the singular best quote (outside Mark Emmert falling apart) at the Final Four pressers on Thursday. First the legendary coach talked about the Wichita State Shockers being the best defensive team they played all year. Then he touched on the Mike Rice scandal. Finally, he dropped this awesome, insightful nugget:

That is right. Uncle Rick compared the Shockers to the Marquette Golden Eagles, but one who happens to be juicing like they were Jose Canseco. The comment was obviously a compliment and not a theory about Wichita State’s doping policy. Generally, these pressers are designed to have moments just like these. The Rice scandal, though, made it nearly impossible for legitimate Final Four related questions to be asked.

Pitino looked like he was going the Lou Holtz route the entire time at the booth. Like Holtz, Pitino was trying to make people think that the Shockers were the reincarnation of the Dream Team, and that his team should almost feel honored to share the same court with the Shockers.

I do wonder how Buzz Williams feels about the comments. There is no way he is enjoying his team being compared to in a less than flattering light. Or, maybe, Williams will now be feeding his kids the clear and the cream so they can be in the Final Four next season (I kid. I kid).

It looked like Pitino did not want to be outdone in the press conference by his conference coaching buddy, Jim Boeheim.

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