2013 NCAA Tournament: 5 Reasons Louisville Cardinals Will Win it All

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5 Reasons Louisville Will Win it All

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It's the story that has made Louisville famous around the nation and possibly the world. Sophomore guard Kevin Ware was going up for routine shot contesting and came down with an unbelievable result. The second-year collegiate player broke his leg, basically in half.

Shock was the feeling around the arena. Players cried, coaches looked on in horror and fans cringed. There was no way the Louisville Cardinals were coming back from this. Nobody on the Cardinals' side of the court could stand up without crying or take their mind off of what had just happened.

What was next? The injured guard looked down at what he thought was just a sprained ankle and the shock set in. It wasn't pretty and even Rick Pitino didn't know what to do, but in a courageous move, the young athlete called his teammates to his side.

His teammate and best friend Chane Behanan could barely stand, and the other teammates were fighting back tears, but Ware told his teammates something that inspired them to win the game. He told them not to worry, this game was theirs to win and they were going to do just that.

What happened after that was almost a miracle. The three-point lead for the Cardinals gradually increased throughout the game and they ended up beating the talented Duke Blue Devils in the Elite Eight by 22 points. They were advancing to the Final Four in Atlanta.

How fitting a place to play for the title than in Ware's home town with the injured player on the sidelines cheering them on.

Here are the top five reasons why Louisville is going to be labeled "2013 National Champions."

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They Have Great Guard Play

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There's no doubt that this team has possibly the best guard-play in the Final Four and maybe even the entire nation. Peyton Siva is a pass-first guard that can slash to the basket when he needs to. Russ Smith is the brother of a famous NBA player and averages over 18 points per game and when he gets hot, there's no stopping him.

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Defense Wins Championships

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Louisville is one of the best defensive teams in the nation and they have stifled teams throughout the tournament. In fact, they have yet to give up 70 points in the 2013 tourney and have played three offensively-talented teams so far. With Gorgui Dieng in the middle and solid rebounder Chane Behanan down low, this team will be tough to beat, especially with their scrappy guards.

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They've Got the Experience

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This team knows what it takes to win. In fact, they have been in this position before, making it to the Final Four just one short year ago. Every starter on the team was in that game and they all know what led to their demise. They should also know what it takes to finally come out on top and reach college basketball's highest stage. Let's hope they learned from their mistakes in the Final Four last year.

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Strongest Chemistry in Final Four

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While this isn't necessarily a measurable aspect of a team, but in my opinion, the Cardinals have the strongest chemistry of any team in the Final Four. It was evident the second Kevin Ware hit the ground with a devastating, season-ending injury that this team was stronger than any. They came together, huddled around each other and vowed that they wouldn't let Ware down. They are, what Ware referred to as, "the best brothers I never had."

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They Want to Win it for Kevin Ware

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Sure, every team in the Final Four wants to win badly, but it's hard to beat a team that has the motivation that Louisville has with Ware. After his injury, they came together and vowed to win it for Kevin and they did not disappoint against Duke. It's obvious to see this has boosted their motivation levels drastically and they would like to win the title in Ware's old stomping grounds-- Atlanta. If I were a betting man, Louisville will win, and win easy.

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