2013 NCAA Tournament: How Are Wichita State Shockers Supposed to Play Motivated Louisville Cardinals?

By Trevor Lowry
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the talk about Kevin Ware-which there should be because the injury that he suffered was heartbreaking–how are the No. 9 Wichita State Shockers supposed to play against the motivated No. 1 Louisville Cardinals?

Seriously, who would want to be the team that beat Ware’s team at this point in the season? Louisville is trying to win the 2013 NCAA Tournament for Ware. Wichita State is the team that has to end that story, if it wants to make the championship game that is.

The Shockers just need to put that aside because once the ball tips, it is about the players and coaches involved that are playing the game.

Wichita State also has a great story for them and could make some NCAA Tournament history. The lowest seed to ever win a national championship was a No. 8 seed. Well, the Shockers are a No. 9 seed. They are the Cinderella of this tournament and there are many people who aren’t even fans who are pulling for them.

Ware is a great story and it would really mean something if the Cardinals could rally around them and win him a championship, but there are two teams in this game and Louisville hasn’t even made the championship game yet.

It would be more ideal if these two teams were to meet in the national championship, but that was not how the cards were dealt.

The Shockers are a great basketball team and they need to keep up the pace on both sides of the ball by playing their game. Louisville is a great defensive team, but so is Wichita State.

Wichita State has a great story of its own and I am sure that the team has realized that and are feeding off of that.


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