Detroit Titans Senior Doug Anderson Goes Bonkers in College Dunk Contest (Video)

By Joseph Nardone
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Titans are a real life college basketball program. Just because you are unaware of their exploits, however, does not mean they are incapable of awesome things. Sure, the team might have missed the NCAA Tournament and had to settle for an NIT appearance, but the shine on the program is never going to be brighter than it will be over the next 24 hours.

Reason being for all the expected hoopla — Doug Anderson doing Doug Anderson type of things. Let us cut to the chase and just check out the beautiful bean footage:

Did your heart just explode in your chest area from all that awesomeness? Did you see the video, immediately call your mother and then eat a whole bag of stale doughnuts? That is how awesome that dunk was. So awesome in fact, that it would make a reasonable person do some unreasonable things.

Anderson’s eligibility is now up. The days of seeing him fly through the sky are long-gone. Maybe the pros will come calling, but more likely (if lucky) Anderson will make his way overseas for a few seasons. You never know, however, as a player with his ridiculous athleticism might get an invite to a summer camp just for his ability to throw the ball through the rim in new and fancy fashions.

The “era” of Anderson is now officially over with the program. Here is to hoping that — regardless of where plays — he still provides us with awesome moments like this one in the future.


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