Injuried Louisville Guard Kevin Ware Appears on David Letterman (Video)

By Paul Seaver
USA Today Sports

There is no doubt that the past five days have been nothing but craziness for Louisville sophomore guard Kevin Ware.

After shattering his leg on national television and becoming an inspirational story for the Cardinals’ advancement to Atlanta, Ware has become a bit of a celebrity following his successful surgery and release from the hospital.

While Ware will not play in Saturday evening’s Final Four contest against No. 9 Wichita State, his Cardinal teammates are ready to push forward without him, using him as their driving motivation. The best news of all — Ware traveled to Atlanta with the team and despite one of the worst sports injuries of all-time, he will be in attendance for the team’s game on Saturday.

Ware has been in good spirits all week and on Thursday night he was fortunate enough to do something that he probably never would have thought he would. Ware appeared — via a teleconference from Atlanta — on the David Letterman Show.

Take a look at Ware’s five minute segment below:

Ware answered Letterman’s questions about the injury and then read through a top ten list of “Thoughts That Went Through Kevin Ware’s Mind” for the audience and national viewers.

Ware was released from the hospital on Tuesday and it truly is incredible to think that even despite the horrific injury that he suffered on Sunday evening, that he would be court side just six days later.

Louisville and Wichita State will tip-off at 6:09pm (EST).


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