Jim Boeheim Looking Confident As Final Four Approaches

By Bryan Zarpentine
Robert Deutsch – USATODAY Sports

Is it just me, or has James Arthur Boeheim seemed awfully confident this week, as his team prepares to play in the Final Four? He doesn’t seem cocky; he doesn’t seem like he’s operating under the assumption that the Syracuse Orange will waltz their way into the winner’s circle Monday night the same way they’ve reached the Final Four; he just seems like a guy that’s confident in his team’s chances this weekend.

Yes, Boeheim did say earlier this week that he was a little surprised that his team had made it to this point in the season. But in fairness to him, we were all a little surprised. Even the most optimistic Orange fans were ready to write the team off after their abysmal 39-point performance in their final regular season game.

But other than a little bit of surprise to be in the Final Four, Boeheim appears to feel good about his team’s chances. He’s been smiling; he’s been (some might say abnormally) upbeat and not at all disgruntled with the media; he’s praised his team; and he’s made subtle remarks implying that he’ll still be in Atlanta Monday night; and why shouldn’t he? His team has played exceptional defense all tournament long, and no opposing team has come close to figuring out how to score against them. He also has a point guard in Michael Carter-Williams who is finally playing like the NBA lottery pick that he’s been projected to be all season.

Few college basketball coaches are as honest and open about their own team as Boeheim. So when he has a confident look on his face and appears to have a good feeling about his team, it means something. It doesn’t mean Syracuse is a lock to win Saturday night and again on Monday night. But if Boeheim appears confident, then Orange fans should be optimistic.


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