Rutgers Scarlet Knights Scandal "Snitch" Eric Murdock Sought $950k

By Joseph Nardone
Alan Maglaque-USA TODAY Sports

Soon as the Mike Rice and Rutgers Scarlet Knights scandal seems to be fading, they pull us back in. Rice has lost his job, an assistant has also stepped down and so too has athletic director Tim Pernetti. If that was not enough Rutgers news for you, new reports have come out that the “snitch” who started the whole shebang sought a $950,000 settlement, according to ESPN.

Eric Murdock was released from the program shortly after he brought the video to Pernetti’s attention. While the release and the snitching are supposedly thought to be unrelated, Murdock still wanted a piece of that settlement-pie.

Rice fired Murdock for choosing to go to a summer camp that featured Murdock’s son rather than the one he was running. Murdock, a non-too-happy-camper, is seeking the settlement in the belief that he was actually canned for ratting on Rice rather than not attending the right supper camp.

An attorney who represents Murdock filed paperwork with the school requesting the $950k settlement, but Rutgers is refusing to comment on the ordeal. A new lawyer for Murdock also refuses to talk about it and is calling the paperwork a “potential settlement agreement.”

The FBI is reportedly on university campus and asking around about Murdock. Playing detective on the Internet is dangerous, but growing theory is that the “settlement” may have originally been more of a bribe to keep Murdock silent about Rice’s actions. Regardless, it is far too early to know the exact reasons the feds are looking into the disgruntled former coach.

Rutgers have never gotten this much press in their entire history. Now, they are getting all the wrong kind.


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