The Losses Continue for Rutgers Scarlet Knights

By Trevor Lowry
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

The losses continue for the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, and no I am not talking about on the basketball court. First it was the firing of Mike Rice, then the resigning of the assistant coach Jimmy Martelli and now the athletic director Tim Pernetti has also resigned today, according to ESPN.

At this rate, there is not going to be anyone left that is involved with the Rutgers basketball team. Sure, some players have backed up Rice, but one has also transferred.

This has been an absolute horrible week for the Scarlet Knights basketball team and for the school as a whole. It is very tough to respond to something like this. Rutgers was already not the best basketball team in the world and did not really compete in the Big East Conference this year, going 5-13 in conference play. Now the image of this school is even worse.

The only positive out of this is the fact that the people who were involved in this situation are being removed, whether forced or leaving on their own. I imagine that Pernetti will not be the last person resigning, being removed or what ever it may be from this program.

Rutgers is definitely going through some tough times and this will likely hurt future recruiting classes. Speaking of which, who is even left to recruit players at this point? There is no time for that. Rutgers still needs to find a new head coach, after the school gets to the bottom of all of this, and that process alone could take awhile.

The Scarlet Knights are taking more and more hits as this all unveils.


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