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2013 Final Four: Louisville Cardinals Look to Destroy Cinderella

When you truly think about Cinderella and her wonderful story, she is kind of a gold digger. I mean, she didn’t go out of her way to meet a local plumber. It was not until she knew a ball was being thrown for a prince to find a lady that she made herculean attempts to abandon her evil-family, get her act together and in a roundabout way, sell a little bit of her soul to be something that is she is not — to eventually marry a rich and powerful man.

The Louisville Cardinals are heading into their Final Four game as possible Cinderella-killers. Their goal is not to further the magical run of the Wichita State Shockers, but get the Shockers’ glass slipper and smash that puppy right over their overachieving heads. Louisville is playing the role of the evil stepmother or sister(s), which is not a very popular one, but a role that they are more than willing to play if it means a spot in the National Title game.

Being the most “popular” team is not nearly as important as actually winning the game. Let us not kid ourselves either, Louisville will still actually be the more popular team in the arena when the game tips off. Maybe the nation will be rooting for a fairy-tale ending at home, but the crowd is going to be pro-Disney murder.

Only in the NCAA Tournament is the world okay with Cinderella getting curb-stomped by a team playing the role of evil stepmother. I love you, April (Insert clever monthly nickname to coincide with the tourney).


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