2013 Final Four: No. 9 Wichita State Shockers Have No Pressure

By Trevor Lowry

The No. 9 Wichita State Shockers have slashed their way through the 2013 NCAA Tournament all of the way to the Final Four. However, this is a team that should have no pressure entering today’s game.

Wichita State is the huge underdog in this contest, since it is a No. 9 seed and it will be playing the No. 1 overall seed in the Louisville Cardinals. The Shockers weren’t supposed to make it this far, whereas the Cardinals were predicted to win the entire tourney.

The Shockers are playing for pride, hope and a chance at history. If Louisville loses, it will not only be a huge upset, but the Cardinals will also not have accomplished their ultimate goal, which is win a championship for Kevin Ware.

Wichita State opened this tournament facing a Big East team right off the bat. Some experts predicted that the Shockers would lose that game, well look at them now. This team didn’t even win the MVC regular season title or conference tournament. It came close, but close means nothing anymore.

Wichita State does not have one of the most famous coaches in college basketball and its team is never flooding with NBA talent. This is a team that plays in a mid-major conference, like it or not.

There is so much at stake for Louisville in this game, whereas people will just be proud of how far the Shockers made it if they do lose today. Whether the case, the Shockers will have no pressure going into this game, but they have a chance at something special, like making history by being the lowest seed to ever win the NCAA Tournament.


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