Rutgers Scarlet Knights Scandal A Tough Scenario

By Trevor Lowry

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights case and many other scandals, issues or whatever it may be should be stopped before the wildfire continues to grow bigger and bigger. However, Rutgers had a very tough scenario on its hands or that is at least what it seemed like.

Mike Rice’s abusive behavior towards his players could have been stopped if someone spoke up. However, that is just the beginning. Other than people talking, something actually has to happen. Rice could have and should have been fired when his abusive behavior started. In today’s day and age, what he did was completely unacceptable and it was wrong.

However, it is not the Scarlet Knights’ players job to get their coach canned, unless if they want to take it that far. The president of the school or athletic director or whoever, should have done something right when this took place. Doesn’t any higher ups from this school ever sit in on practices? If so, then something should have been done a lot sooner. If not, don’t you want to know how your basketball team is doing or maybe what you are spending a lot of the school’s money on?

In this type of scenario, the only person who should lose his/her job is the coach. If other coaches were involved in the abusive behavior then it becomes that much more difficult, but if not, it is your job as a moral human being to confront the coach about his behavior or go to someone who has the authority to remove the coach.

Although that may sound simple, it really is.

If something feels wrong, then it most likely is. In this case, a coach yelling and hitting his players cannot feel right, so something should have been done a long time ago. However, since many people knew about this and did nothing or at least nothing took place for awhile, those people are now losing their jobs and it should have never gotten to that point.


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