Final Four: Tim Henderson Plays Inspired in Kevin Ware's Role

By Anthony Lenahan
Richard Mackson-USA Today Sports

Everyone knew that the Louisville Cardinals would be playing inspired basketball the entire Final Four in light of the injury to Kevin Ware, but Tim Henderson played the most inspired as he filled in for Ware’s role on the court.

Henderson is a walk-on for the Cardinals and Rick Pitino that only averages about four minutes per game.  With the absence of another back-up guard because of the Ware injury, Pitino chose to go with the walk-on when he needed to give his dynamic backcourt a brief rest.

Henderson shined in the spotlight as he hit two clutch three-pointers when the Cardinals were down double digits in the second half.  His six points in 10 minutes were the biggest two baskets made in the game as the two outside shots really gave the Cardinals the momentum and confidence.

Only a 30% three-point shooter the whole year, Henderson hit 3 of the 4 shots he took from behind the arc in the Elite eight and Final Four combined.  The most dangerous shot in basketball is the outside shot, and when you have a player like Henderson who most teams don’t know much about come in and knock down two three balls, it can make a huge difference.

Of course the Cardinals miss having Ware in the game, but for Henderson to come in and do what he did has to give Louisville some extra confidence in him tomorrow night.

The entire Louisville team wants to win the national championship for Ware, but Henderson wants to make a difference like Ware would have if he could have been out there.


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