Do the Michigan Wolverines Benefit From Playing Big East Teams?

By Joseph Nardone
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines are tying to right all the wrongs done to their program lore. It has been 24 years (1989) since they have won their last National Title, and the program has been more linked to Chris Webber calling a timeout that never was than being an awesome, perennial contender. This version of the Wolverines is the best they have had in a long time and will be looking to change all of that in just one game.

Now, they are heading into the National Championship game against a school from the Big East. Having played two other Big East schools already, people are wondering if that will help them in their game against the Louisville Cardinals.

The short answer to the absurd question is no. Michigan played the Pittsburgh Panthers in the very early portion of the season. A Pitt team, mind you, who plays a very different brand of basketball than Louisville. The Panthers used a deep bench, were much more methodical and didn’t really have any stars. Comparing them to Louisville is like comparing Kate Upton to an average person on your Facebook friend list.

The other Big East foe Michigan has faced is the Syracuse Orange. The game happened very recently (in case you did not notice). The Orange, too, play a very different brand of hoops than the Cards: they play one style of defense, love to attack the hoop and bang underneath.

The Cardinals, on the other hand, rely far more on jumpers. They will attack the hoop, but in plays designed to find a kick-out, and doesn’t mind banging underneath — although, they would prefer to let their guards do their business.

Louisville, while playing in the Big East, is not the epitome of every team from the conference. To think that Michigan gets an edge from playing two Big East schools before this game is to think that people who play the Powerball have a better shot of winning if they play scratch-offs as well.


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