Jalen Rose Pleads Chris Webber to Attend 2013 National Championship Game

By Joseph Nardone
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

When the Fab Five came on the scene, the landscape of college basketball changed. Long story short (assuming you’ve heard it a billion times), they did as much for fashion as they did, inadvertently, for the undertones of racial discussions from their epic battles with a school known primarily for “white” players. Then, thanks to a timeout that never was, things quickly fell apart.

Time went on, records and accomplishments were wiped from the record books and the Fab Five were no longer a favorite of the Michigan Wolverines‘ lore. Some went on to NBA stardom (or mediocrity), others became normal folk and Jalen Rose went on to become a person set on reliving the past one ESPN outing at a time.

Rose continuously talks about the infamous Chris Webber play. For a long time, it seemed as if he solely blamed Webber for the Fab Five never winning a National Title. Now, as Rose and ESPN tries to trick people into thinking he was a good NBA player (he was slightly above-average at best — at times), Webber has become a terrific analyst for TNT and has looked forward in his life rather than treading back through a moment that he would like to forget.

That has not stopped Rose, who is 1-1000 the analyst or NBA player Webber was, from positing a video of him begging Webber to show up to the game tonight. A couple of quick things immediately popped into my brain when I heard about, then saw, the video.

The game tonight is about the current version of the Wolverines. There is no need to further publicise a group of players, most of whom were on the take, at the expense of taking away from this team’s accomplisments. The other is more of a question. As in, why does Rose have to keep dragging Webber through the mud? Isn’t it enough that a fan base blames Webber for all things wrong with Michigan for the last two decades?

In Rose’s eyes, I guess not.

If Webber wants to go to the game, so be it. I doubt he needs the mental push to get there that Rose is trying to give him.

I mean, we all get it, Rose. You were half the college player of Webber, a third the NBA player, and are leaps and bounds worse than him as a TV guy. Let this dog lay down. It has been beaten to death, mostly by you, at the expense of Webber and his reputation.

Webber already has his legacy tarnished by one single play. What he chooses to do post-fake timeout is up to him. For Rose, well, maybe it is time to stop living in the past and sneakily trying to further ruin Webber’s legacy while trying to prop up his own.


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