Speculating Realignment Options For Remaining CAA Basketball Teams

By Jake Fischer

With George Mason’s departure from the Colonial Athletic Association, fans, supporters and members of each school within the Association have realized that the state of CAA athletics is in flux. With that, mass speculation has ensued on whether the current 8 teams in the CAA, not including College of Charleston, will also look to depart the league.

Conference USA may be looking to expand their conference even further, as Jeff Fowler of CBS Sports reported Monday morning. Also, the conference that stole Old Dominion from the CAA could potentially look at the CAA once again if it looks to increase its 14 institutions in 2014 to 16. Since the move will be football-based, only James Madison, Delaware, Towson and William & Mary would be eligible for C-USA’s expansion.

Where would that leave Drexel, Hofstra, UNCW, Northeastern? For the three schools in the northeast, the obvious best-case scenario would be receiving an invitation to the Atlantic 10. The A-10 is the initial culprit of the CAA’s downfall, the league that stole the thriving VCU Rams from the Association. Since VCU left, Mason, Old Dominion and Georgia State have since followed suit.

Now, with the Atlantic 10 losing teams to the Catholic 7’s new Big East and the new American Athletic Conference, the A-10 could certainly be looking to add several more schools over the net two to three years.

Besides the A-10, there really aren’t many other realignment options for non-football schools in the CAA if the mid-major fails to forge forward with a sufficient crop of teams.


Jake Fischer is the CAA Columnist for Rant Sports-NCAA Basketball. He also hosts the CAA Relay Podcast. Make sure to follow Jake on Twitter @JakeLFischer.

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