Louisville Cardinals Head Coach Rick Pitino Will Get Tattoo After Winning National Championship

By Dan Parzych

The Louisville Cardinals pulled off an incredible run in the 2013 NCAA Tournament to win the National Championship 82-76 against the Michigan Wolverines on Monday thanks to an excellent coaching job by  Rick Pitino. What’s even more amazing about the Cardinals championship–the head coach now has to get a tattoo thanks to a bet he made with his players.

During his post-game interview, Pitino discussed how he made a bet with his players about 12 or 13 games ago that if Louisville won the NCAA Tournament, he would get a tattoo. So not only did Pitino get elected into the Hall of Fame and win the National Championship in the same day, but now he has to make a decision on what type of tattoo he gets.

Either way, I’m sure Pitino isn’t too upset about losing the bet considering he became the first head coach to win a National Championship at two different schools. From the inspirational story behind Kevin Ware’s injury to the numerous double-digit comebacks performed by the Cardinals, this may go down as one of the most memorable NCAA Tournament runs in history and getting a tattoo will certainly be worth it for Pitino.

A big congratulations goes out to the Louisville Cardinals for coming together as a team over these last few weeks and forcing your head coach to get a tattoo because of it. If Pitino thought this bet would provide extra motivation for his team–it certainly worked wonders over the last couple of weeks.

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