What Does Michigan Wolverines Mitch McGary's Draft Stock Look Like?

By Trevor Lowry
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Mitch McGary did wonders to his draft stock after a very impressive performance in the 2013 NCAA Tournament for the Michigan Wolverines. However, where does McGary’s draft stock stand right now and should he declare for the 2013 NBA Draft?

McGary is definitely a lottery pick at this point and ESPN’s Chad Ford would agree, having him at No. 12 in his first mock draft. This is kind of hard to believe, though. McGary’s 6.3 rebounds per game on the season is very solid, but his 7.5 points per game is not the most appealing statistic in the world. However, dropping 20+ points in the Big Dance twice skyrocketed McGary’s draft stock.

McGary started playing really good basketball down the stretch and he became more of a scorer as the season progressed, instead of just a rebounder.

Anytime you are 6’10” and can not only rebound, but score, you are going to go very high in the NBA draft. McGary will not be the exception when he does decide to go pro.

Which brings us to the decision part of this article. McGary’s draft stock is very high right now and if he is all about the Benjamins then he should go pro. If McGary returns to school, he could very easily increase his draft stock with great play, but there are some very talented freshmen coming in that could change that. Not to mention. McGary will enter the season as one of the best players for the Wolverines, so big things will be expected from him.

Who knows what he will do, but the draft stock is high and I think he should pull the trigger by going pro instead of going back to school. McGary has tremendous upside to his game and he is going to get better and better regardless of his decision.


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