What Does the Future Hold for Louisville Cardinals Forward Kevin Ware?

By Joseph Nardone
Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

Louisville Cardinals forward Kevin Ware may have a brittle bone at the moment, but he has become a household name thanks to an unfortunate injury in the Final Four. While CBS and the NCAA (and Adidas and Louisville and me) all did their best to exploit the player for financial gain, Ware undoubtedly wants to play again — hopefully as soon as next season.

That is his immediate future goal: get that leg all healed up and prep for another season under Rick Pitino.

Although, Ware may need to start thinking about his post-playing career sooner rather than later. Thanks to all the exploitation nonsense, Ware is now more well known to casual fans than he was to die-hard college basketball fans during the season.

Because of his new stardom, Ware now transcends more than just sports. I mean, he has already showed up on Letterman and gave an admirable performance. It doesn’t hurt that his personality seems to fit with the world of being in the public spotlight.

The injury has now opened up plenty of new avenues for the world’s most famous role player. Ware was probably never a professional basketball player to begin with. He can now consider the bone popping through his leg a blessing in disguise. That one moment may end up providing him with a better life than putting a ball through a hoop ever would.

I, like many, became sick to my belly over all the Ware coverage. Still, I knew not to blame him for all the cameras panning to him during his team’s games. Soon it is time for Ware to cash in on what everyone else already has — his personality and perseverance after breaking his leg on national TV.

Sometimes, it is just better to be famous than it is to be good (the Kevin Ware story: airing on a Lifetime channel in the near future).


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