Arizona Wildcats Coach Sean Miller Seemingly Taking the High Road

By Joseph Nardone
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine a working environment where you feel you have been targeted and punished for things you didn’t think you should have been. Then imagine that you later find out that your superiors have indeed been targeting you. Their only defense, after already punishing you, was that it was all in jest.

I think it is safe to say that we would all be just a tad upset. That scenario actually happened to Arizona Wildcats coach Sean Miller. It is odd though, since the Pac 12 and Ed Rush have admitted comments about going after Miller, the coach has been relatively silent on the matter.

It could be that Miller is taking the high road on the situation: that he knows, that the world knows, that this complete situation is a joke and that Rush, as well as the Pac 12, have some serious explaining to do — which should result in a major overhaul in the Pac 12 offices, not just with Rush.

Most of us would be quick to lash out. We would want to make this as public a fiasco as humanly possible. We have been wronged and the world needs to know it. Still, Miller is silent while continuing to do his job of making Arizona as good of a program as there is in the nation.

Miller, who is known for his antics, has seemingly taken the high road on this debacle. Man, where is the good ole “I told you so” type of stuff that college coaches are known for?


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