Ole Miss: If you think Guard Marshall Henderson Shot too Much Before, Look Out

By Joseph Nardone
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I love the term ‘volume shooter’ as much as I am an unreasonable Marshall Henderson apologist. The term itself is just a polite way to say someone shoots a ton and usually without being that efficient. It is funny to say it, but the Ole Miss Rebels might actually need for Henderson to hurl the ball towards the basket even more next season.

The Rebels are losing two quality players who also put the ball in the basket, Murphy Holloway and Reginald Buckner. Outside of Henderson, those were two of the Rebels’ leading scorers. Not to mention, they also combined for 17 boards a game — mostly off of Henderson’s ill-fated attempts.

That is a lot of production lost to graduation, and it also leaves the Rebels in the predicament of replacing that productivity. Now, Andy Kennedy will surely try to get other players to step in and fill the void, but let us be honest, the Rebels are not going to be filled with a slew of super-talented players next season.

It is inevitable that Kennedy is going to need Henderson to be even quicker with the trigger. Granted, he is hoping that Henderson does something to improve the rate in which the ball goes in the basket but nevertheless, the volume shooter is going to be relied on heavily.

If you happen to be a fan of seeing Henderson go bonkers, well, this kind of news is exciting. You probably do not care if Ole Miss is all that successful as long as Henderson keeps you entertained. If you dislike Henderson or his antics, however, this is not something you want to hear, watch, or know is a possibility.

Is it to early to break down next season? Probably. But the idea of Henderson literally shooting 30 times a game next season makes me wish that life had a fast-forward button.


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