Clemson Tigers Looking to Wow Junior College Prospect Ibrahim Djambo

By Joseph Nardone
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

There is not getting around the fact that the Clemson Tigers had a season worth forgetting. Acting like they had any moral victories or showed glimpses of a bright, immediate future would be like acting as if Tom Cruise is now a sane person because he hasn’t jumped on any coaches lately. It is the offseason now, however, it is the time where landing recruits can add hope to a program. It is a time to chase after 6’10” junior college power forwards like Ibrahim Djambo.

Believe it or not, Brad Brownell has done a fairly solid job on the recruiting trail. There is some real, legitimate hope for the Tigers down the road. Adding a 6’10” player, regardless of how talented or potential-filled, is a big step in adding some depth and size to the Clemson team. I mean, it is not like 6’10” players grow on trees. In fact, from what I’ve been told, they actually grow in their mother’s wombs.

Djambo is not likely to be the next great big man in the nation. Most of the other schools chasing him are from small-conferences, who will be offering him more playing time than Clemson can. Still, the allure of going to a major school in a big time conference may prove to be to good for Djambo to pass up.

The power forward is set to visit the Tigers this weekend. It will be his third such visit, first post-abomination of a season. Convincing him to be a member of the program is not a must, but it is a great way to help fill out their roster for next season. Not all recruiting battles are about five star prospects, sometimes it just about winning one role player at a time.


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