Former Oklahoma State Big Man Lonnie Boeckman Passes

By Joseph Nardone
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

I never liked to pretend I’ve watched every single player in the history of sports play. I always find it silly when someone — who was not even alive when a player has played — makes comments about the person as if they saw them play live or have watched hundreds of hours on film of the guy. I find it insincere and dishonest — not to mention a little bit distasteful.

As I was making my Google rounds today, I checked up on the Oklahoma State Cowboys to see if any of their players have decided to make the jump to the pros. Instead, I found some unfortunate news about a former OK-State player passing away at an early age.

Lonnie Boeckman, who I’ve read was listed as a humongous 7’4′ center when he played, passed away at the age of 58. According to the obituary, Boeckman had complications after surgery, which led to the passing. Boeckman was a member of the program from 1973-77.

After that, each article I read talked about Boeckman changing his major while with the school, who is survived after his passing and just general things of that nature. When i couldn’t find anything about his playing career — as it piqued my interest since he was so huge — I decided to Google just his name. Still, I found nothing other than he started in less than a handful of games and made 33 appearances for the program.

Before today I didn’t know a Lonnie Boeckman existed. Even after today I know nothing substantial about the man outside of his passing. I don’t know if he was a top-tier recruit, a role player or if he was essentially there exclusively for his size. I wish I could add more to the obituaries already out there on the Internet — I really tried to give this man a better swansong than what is out there other than being listed as 7’4″.

Boeckman played collegiate sports, moved on then has been completely forgotten about until his passing. I know nothing of you, sir, but I’ll say a little prayer for you before I rest my head tonight. Your career might be all but forgotten, but your legacy through your children and grandchildren will live on for a much longer time.


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