Spotlight On Kansas Sophomore Andrew White

By Mike Maicke
John Rleger-USA TODAY Sports


The 6’6, 210 pound shooting guard Andrew White III averaged a measly 2.2 points per game in his freshman year at Kansas. In typical Kansas fashion, White averaged only 5 minutes per game during his first year in Lawrence, which is obviously the main contributor to his subpar statistics. Anrio Adams, another member of Bill Self‘s 2012 recruiting class, has already made the decision to transfer out of Kansas and was released from the team almost immediately after the Jayhawks loss to Michigan in the Sweet 16.

What incoming Kansas recruits need to understand is that unless you are a 5-star McDonalds All-American, you will not see an abundance of playing time your freshman or sometimes even sophomore year. The entire starting five, minus Ben McLemore of course, consisted of players that hardly saw any court time as underclassmen. However, they were able to thrive as upperclassmen. That’s just how Kansas basketball works and if these talented players can simply wait out the first (and sometimes second) year, they can develop into elite college players. That’s the tricky part though. Keep in mind that most of these 4-star recruits just came from four years of high school basketball where they were the leader of their team and for lack of a better word, could simply be “the man”.

White has shown flashes of greatness during his freshman year at Kansas. He has the size of a power forward, the ball handling skills of a point guard, and one of the most pure jumpers in the country. With his size, White is a matchup nightmare for opposing teams and will certainly be a factor in the reconstruction of the Jayhawk roster after losing their entire starting five. Despite being the 48th best recruit in the entire country and the number-one player in West Virginia, White has been patient enough to stay with Kansas after playing a total of only 125 minutes during his freshman year. One thing the Jayhawk faithful can count on is that the future is bright for Andrew White.

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