Florida State Seminoles Might Land the Top Recruit In Andrew Wiggins

By Anthony Lenahan
Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Day by day the decision of Andrew Wiggins comes closer and closer.  He has no time-table set of when he will make his decision, but he has to decide soon.  Florida State, North Carolina, Kentucky and Kansas are the final four schools that remain the potential landing spot for the prize recruit.

Those are three of the most history rich schools in the nation and also three of the best basketball programs you will find and then you have Florida State.  That leads you to ask, why Florida State for the best player in the country who is supposed to be the next LeBron James?

The crazy part about it is that Florida State might actually be the favorite for Wiggins.  Although he has not pointed or hinted at any school being his top school, you have to feel that his family wants him to be a Seminole.

Both of Wiggins’ parents went to Florida State and his father played basketball for the Seminoles.  How could you not want your son to go to the same school you went too, the same place where you made a name for yourself?

That is exactly what Andrew Wiggins is hearing every day as his parents are trying to get him to be a Seminole, but at the same time, it is his own decision and his own future.

Wiggins wants to be on a winning team and anywhere he goes he will do just that, but at Florida State he will be the center of attention.  No one around him will be anywhere near as talented as him, but at the other three schools there would be a couple of very talented and future NBA players.

If Wiggins wants to try and carry his school to a title and keep his family tradition safe, he will choose Florida State.

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