Trey Burke Shows Why Staying in College Another Year Isn't So Bad

By Anthony Lenahan
Matthew Emmons-USA Today Sports

The one and done in college basketball has come so common among star players now a days, but is it always the right decision for players to leave after their first year playing at a high level of basketball?

Trey Burke is a perfect example of why not everyone should leave after just one season at the collegiate level just so they can go and make money the next year. By Burke foregoing the NBA draft after his freshman year at Michigan, he has probably had the greatest year of his life both as a person and as a basketball player.

Last year, he would have been a border-line first round pick. While being the player of the year and national champion runner-up, Burke made money. By coming back another year, he has increased his draft stock tremendously and by doing that he has made himself a lot more money when, in fact, he is drafted.

Even if he is the final lottery pick drafted, he will sign a guaranteed two year deal worth more than 3.2 million dollars.

Not every player is going to get this much better after one extra year in college, but Burke is a great example of how much hard work you need to put in to get better in that one year to get yourself ready for the next level.

He understood that he wasn’t good enough to go to the NBA and be a great player after his freshman year so he decided to come back and work harder than ever to get there. He is now the best player in college basketball and will be a lot more wealth than he would be if he went to the NBA last year.

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