Cincinnati Bearcats Guard Sean Kilpatrick Named Team Captain

By Joseph Nardone
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bearcats were undoubtedly thrilled to hear the news that Sean Kilpatrick was coming back for his senior season. Heck, I think it was safe to assume that Mick Cronin was nervously waiting to find out if his best player was going pro or coming back for one more year with the team. Now that he is officially coming back, it seems like Cronin wants to make him feel important.

Cronin has announced that Kilpatrick will be the team captain going forward. The guard will be taking over for Cashmere Wright and JaQuon Parker, who were the men in charge of all things Cincy leadership last season.

It may seem like a random, silly type of tag to be named a captain. Really, outside of the immediate Bearcats fanbase, no one could care less about some guy being named a captain. However, for the team, Kilpatrick has now become the most important player as well as figure on the entire squad.

Being named a captain for his team is definitely a great honor of Kilpatrick. He has already given up the prospects of making millions of dollars for one season to come back and help his team earn some college hoops glory. That is the kind of big sacrifice that his teammates surely appreciate.

The time for Kilpatrick to be a leader of young players is now. He has to be the hardest working player, the most vocal and put all the blame on himself for any potential Cincy woes.

One seemingly meaningless tag later and expectations has risen to dangerously new heights.


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