How is Former Rutgers Head Man Mike Rice Coaching 12-Year Old AAU Girls Basketball?

By Paul Seaver

Former Rutgers men’s head basketball coach Mike Rice was released from his duties at the university a few weeks ago after video evidence surfaced and public outcry demanded action for his horrendous behavior. Rice was seen throwing basketball at players, shoving and pushing players and yelling derogatory insults during practices and drills.

The public outcry also cost athletic director Tim Pernetti his job, as well as other members of the university. Now however, is appears that Rice has resurfaced — literally a few weeks later. According to some recent tweets from Brian Geltzeiler, Rice is coaching seventh grade girls — and hasn’t exactly calmed down.

So there you have it. The man who was fired from Rutgers amid a public fiasco for physical and verbal abuse of college athletes is now coaching 12 year old girls. It’s bizarre. It’s not just a matter — why would anyone let Rice coach their child — but more so, why would anyone let Rice coach their child this soon? If Rice has anger issues and was seeking sort of help for his aggression — great — maybe this would be an option someday down the line. Just a few weeks after his firing however, is simply bizarre.

According to Geltzeiler, Rice isn’t just coaching again — he’s still coaching with the same style.

It is very clear that some people support Rice’s style and where he is coming from, but that’s more so a select group. Some former players have come out and supported Rice publicly. Others however, are on the side of that argument. And  by others, I mean most of the country considering what public outcry surfaced just a few weeks ago.

Well, I guess we will see how this one works out.


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