NCAA "Offended" by Miami (FL) Looking to Dismiss Case

By Joseph Nardone
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA is in the midst of trying to turn themselves into the victim. One of their big-time folks on the enforcement side of things, Jonathan Duncan, was none to pleased by the Miami Hurricanes looking to dismiss the NCAA’s case against them. Like all bitter, overly defensive people these days, Duncan took to the pen to write a rebuttal to such an “offensive” request.

That is right, the NCAA was downright “offended” that the Hurricanes would ask for a dismissal after the way the governing body has conducted the investigation.

For those who forgot what happened, here is the quickest of quick recaps: the NCAA hired the defense attorney of Nevin Shapiro, a man who was at the center of the entire investigation. After the NCAA got caught red-handed, Mark Emmert did the only thing he could possibly do — take zero accountability and completely pass the buck to his underlings.

Duncan’s note/letter/whatever stated that Miami’s dismissal was based on “..assumptions, false accusations, misleading statements and merit-less claims about the enforcement staff and its investigation,” which is essentially what the NCAA is doing to the Hurricanes.

So Duncan, Emmert and the NCAA as an entity is unhappy that Miami wants to dismiss based on misleading statements, assumptions, etc. Call me cynical and kick me in the rear, but that is exactly what the NCAA has done for some time now.

Through the wonderful note that Duncan released, it is pretty clear that the NCAA is going to continue to pursue the Hurricanes. If for nothing else, to pursue their quest of wielding their misguided justice, one abomination of a ruling (while using illegal tactics) at a time.


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