Rio Adams Finally Decides to Leave Kansas Jayhawks

By Joseph Nardone
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Recruitment and the coaching carousel is usually the highlight of this part of the offseason. However, there is a less flashy, but equally as important aspect of college basketball’s dark period. It is the part of the offseason where players decide that they have had enough, want more playing time or just want to be closer to home.

That is right kiddos, transfers are currently happening all over the landscape of college basketball.

The Kansas Jayhawks are not immune to kids wanting to leave their program. Although, it usually has very little to do with the way Bill Self runs the program or anything like that. More often that not, it is because a player feels like he needs to see more time on the court. Well, playing for Kansas and all, it is not surprising that even really good players sometimes have a hard time earning quality minutes.

Somebody just ask Rio Adams about it. Adams, a current freshman, saw only five more minutes on the court per game for the Jayhawks than you or I did. A lot of that had to do with the people in front of Adams rather than his ability as a player. Most experts feel that Adams is a solid player who would get serious minutes for any other program in the nation.

No details have emerged as to where Adams plans on going. He calls the state of Washington home, so keeping an eye to see if he got a litte homesick and plans on playing closer to his family is an obvious theory.


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