Eddie Jordan Looking to Assemble a Staff at Rutgers

By Joseph Nardone

Eddie Jordan is not officially the head coach of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, yet. Still, we all know he is going to be announced as the main man in charge during a press conference sometime in the relative near future (possibly as soon as today). Even without it being official, however, Jordan is apparently already assembling a coaching staff.

Some of the names rumored to come in, or stay in this instance, is David Cox. The idea of keeping Cox would be as much to retain current talent as it would be to let Jordan get used to being with the program. Even though Jordan played and volunteered as a coach at the school, it has been decades since he has been around in such a big faculty.

CBSNewYork.com is also reporting that Jordan has his eyes set on Mike O’Koren. O’Koren is a former professional assistant who happens to call New Jersey his home state.

It also remains to be seen which other coaches currently on the staff will survive a new coach taking over. Van Macon, currently the lead recruit for the Scarlet Knights, is a name to keep a close eye on. While a few players have decommitted from the school, letting Macon go could end up meaning the entire recruiting class coming in would all decide to take their talents elsewhere.

There are some other names floating around, although most of them are just rumors rather than anything with actual substance. Jordan is expected to retain his staff in a speedy fashion. That way, he can get the ball moving on restoring Rutgers to a proper program and out of the Mike Rice debacle era.


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