Gonzaga Anxiously Awaits Decision from Kelly Olynyk

By Joseph Nardone
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

It might feel like there are many months until next season starts. Well, that is because there are. Still, we are all trying to figure out if our team is going to be any good next season. Things like recruiting, the coaching carousel and transfers all play a major role in trying to predict such things. However, players who may enter the NBA Draft early may end up being the moves that have the most impact.

The reasons for those players having the largest impact on a team is obvious. If they have the ability to go play pro ball, they are likely a very important part of whatever successes the team has had or wants to have in the future.

It is almost redundant, but having an NBA player on your favorite team definitely gives you an edge over your opponents.

This is especially true of a team from a mid-major conference. One perfect example is the Gonzaga Bulldogs, who are waiting on a decision to be made by Kelly Olynyk. It is his decision alone, although whichever one he makes will have ramifications that will be felt throughout the college and NBA landscapes.

Still, all the Zags can do is wait. In fact, they may have to wait 12 more days until they find out the fate of their seven-foot man of awesomeness. That is how long players have to decide on whether or not they are going to throw their names in the draft hat.

Gonzaga would take a major hit if Olynyk decided to go pro. Yet, Mark Few does a solid job bringing in players that fit his system — so it wouldn’t be a deathblow to the program in any form.

Waiting, as I have been told, is the hardest part…


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