Michigan Player Mitch McGary Waffling on Decision?

By Joseph Nardone
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Players can still declare their intentions to enter the 2013 NBA Draft up until April 28, and players who have already entered, have now lost their ability to withdraw. So, if your favorite player announces he was going and didn’t back off, he is gone.

However, that does not mean it is safe to think the guys who didn’t declare are or aren’t coming back.

The Michigan Wolverines have already lost one player and could potentially lose three more. Still, if you ask Mitch McGary, he thinks that all three are going to return. Well, that is until he realized exactly what he said.

MLive.com talked to McGary way back before the National Title game, then reported he was coming back. The big man talked about not even considering going pro. Then, after realizing what he said, he decided to take a slight step back and said “we’ll see”.

However, he did not completely back off his comments about coming back and talked a lot about next season. It does seem like that may have been his unofficial, official statement about returning to the program next season or, more likely,  possibly a statement taken out of context.

Still, I would hold my breath if I were a Michigan fan. McGary has 12 days to change his mind or be talked out of returning to the school. It would not be inconceivable to think that someone might push him towards being a pro and cashing in while the iron is hot.

As far as everyone knows, for now, McGary is returning to Michigan for his sophomore season. I mean, he did tell MLive.com that he is “100 percent sure” about returning to the school.

Regardless if McGary is really coming back or not may rest in the decisions of those around him. If they were all to bail and leave for the pros, it is hard to imagine McGary staying for another season.


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