West Virginia Mountaineers Need To Find An Offense

By Trevor Lowry
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The West Virginia Mountaineers were not good in many things this season, so it is easy to point out what they did wrong, but let’s focus on the offense. Since the Mountaineers could not find ways to score this year, they need to find an offense by the start of the 2013-14 college basketball season.

West Virginia was averaged 66.1 points per game this season, which is cool and all if you like to be ranked 209th in the country in that department. Is there really that many schools in college basketball and is the Mountaineers’ offense really that bad? Both of the answers to those questions can be answered with a simple yes.

There was not a single player on this team that averaged 10 or more points per game. That is not a recipe for success. A team needs to rely on a player or a group of players to score the basketball when the team needs a basket most.

West Virginia did have six players that averaged seven or more points per game, though, but it did not really have a huge threat on the offensive side of the ball. Defense is great and all, but a team needs at least one scorer if they want to win games.

Look at Ohio State this season. The Buckeyes were definitely a defensive team and did not have many scorers, but they at least had Deshaun Thomas, who could be counted on to score the basketball at a high rate.

There is so many things that need to be fixed during the offseason, but scoring the basketball should be at the top of the list for West Virginia.


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